To the older generation – a call from the millennials.

You gave birth to us. You raised us.


You taught us that money wasn’t the most important thing in the world, being yourself and doing what you loved was more important.
(You usually said this while looking back at your own childhood, nostalgia glimmering in your eyes).

You taught us to be kind and gentle to people less fortunate than us, that giving your fruit to a homeless person was the right thing to do. Letting old people speak to us and that we should listen, because most of them were lonely now.
You taught us to be strong. You taught us to stand up for ourselves and for what we believed in. Rooting for us to find out own route.


You taught us not to accept bulling, that we should call out when people was treated badly. “Would you like to have someone throw sand at you?”


But you forgot to tell us that the colour of someone’s skin, their gender, whom they loved, their economical status, their disabilities and their religious beliefs was going to define which people we were allowed to care about, call our friends, our lovers.


And then the economy crashed.


You didn’t let us in to the family owned company like the generations before us, you didn’t find a place for us where we could start becoming independent, you didn’t open your doors to us.


Instead you told us to get out, travel, fall in love, fall out of love.
“Go see the world, find another path to independence.”


So a lot of us did.


Some started seeking places where the economy was still able to let us in, some decided to spread their wings and have a look around, some decided to study somewhere else because the schools there accepted more people, to begin our journey to independence.


With this we were separated from family, our friends, our birth town, country, continent, our safe place.


We were sad in the beginning but soon we had a bunch of new friends, we started creating bonds that wouldn’t break even when we one day might go back, we fell head over heals in love with places and people.


We started learning about the world through the eyes of the natives. We started to understand the suffering other people had gone through to now stand beside you. The stereotypes we had seen on TV and some people had spoken about were all shattered. We didn’t see all the things you were trying to make us see. We saw our friend, our lover, standing opposite of us, their background and struggles might have been different from ours, but we didn’t care, we loved them.


It opened our eyes.


And once they were opened we can’t close them again.


You tried hard to occupy us with mainstream television, media, mobile phones.

But we found a way to turn it around, to use it to help people, to keep in contact, to make friends to share our secrets with, to start a change and share our experiences on our journeys. And here you couldn’t follow.


We admit, some people fell for it and you won this round.


But you were the one who taught us that we always get what we want, you taught us that we should call out bullies. We won’t let you stop what has already started, you might slow us down. But this is ours, it is our independence, our future.


Once again you taught us an important lesson:

Next time, we will be more. We will not let you decide our future anymore. Your time is bound to end and it might be sooner than you care to admit.
Next time. We will shout louder.

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