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We arrived in Abisko at 9am this morning. We wanted to reach the cottage before dark so we started walking as fast as we got off the train. Henry had the map. There is such beautiful nature here, don’t you agree? And the water from the streams, it is so fresh, it’s like I have never tasted water before. The lake is astonishing in the setting sun, I am watching it now through the window here in the outhouse. There have been a few other hikers along the way but we were too tired to talk to them. Tomorrow we keep heading for Kebnekaise. R. H 10/09/14

The walk the other day was exhausting. We could see our destination on the other side of the lake all the time, thinking that if we only had a boat we would be there in seconds, instead it took six hours to walk around it. But I guess you did the same trip if you are here. Or did you camp along the way? We definitely thought about it when the sky started turning dark blue (‘cause the sun never really goes down here, does it?) but we kept walking. We sat down with a few other hikers during dinner tonight. They had walked the other direction and said that the tip of Kebnekaise was definitely worth the long walks and blisters. I am longing for a steak though, already getting tired of the air dried food we have in our bag packs. But I will get over it. R.H 11/09/14

Today we woke up early. We had breakfast with two other hikers, they where going to different camp sites, where they would live in tents. We asked them if they had done this trip before, and they had. Every year for the last six, they told us. They gave us a small bottle of vodka, they said that everyone walking these mountains should have something to warm their bones. If there is a storm, liquor is the best way to get warm. Did you know that? Well now you do! R.H 12/09/14

The walk was much easier today. We are starting to learn which pace to use and where and when to stop. I am not in a hurry anymore, the nature and the always awake sun guard us like gods. We will get to the top when we get there. The journey is the destination, that is what Henry’s map says. R.H 14/09/14

We got seriously lost! Do not, whatever you do, follow the little crystal blue stream (even if the water tastes like nothing you’ve ever tasted before). It will lead you to this cave. We have to spend the night in here since we have no idea whether if we should keep walking or if we should go back. Henry blamed the map and said that there was not supposed to be a cave here. There was supposed to be a bridge that would take us to our next cottage. But no, instead of sleeping in beds we will sleep on the damp uneven stone floor. My candle will soon be half way through and I have no idea how much longer we will be in this pitch black pothole. R .H 17/09/14

“Sooner or later they all will be gone” R.H 18/09/14

After fumbling around in the dark funky smelling cave for two days we finally found a slim way that led us out of the cave. I have never been more relieved to have the ice cold rain on my face. We couldn’t see anything in there after Henry’s last candle burned down, luckily for us we did see the string of light just then. The bed seems so amazingly inviting today. R.H 19/09/14

It has been raining the whole night. When we finally got out of that god forsaken cave the sky went completely black, the rain was slapping our faces, and the thunder! No wonder that the Norse were so afraid of Thor’s wrath. Fortunately for us, the cabin was not too far away. We didn’t need to go to the lake to have a shower, we stood under the open sky. I really needed to get rid of that cave smell. We remembered the vodka we got from the other hikers, so we drank half of it in the sauna. R.H 20/09/14

Today was a perfect day! The rain is gone! We were finally allowed to keep moving. I hope you were able to find shelter from that horrible storm last night as well. We sat around the table playing cards all night, hoping some other hikers would come along. I heard footsteps outside on more than one occasion but no one entered the cottage. Anyway. Today we finally saw reindeers. They were just beneath us when we stood and overlooked the green meadow. They looked so calm, their horns where their crown, the guardians of the north. They looked at us a few times, but didn’t seem to care. We decided to have our lunch there. R.H 22/09/14

We saw Sami people today. They looked at us as if we were something they have never ever seen before. Something that frightened them. I have heard loads of stories about how welcoming and happy these people of the north are but they didn’t even try to reply when we said hell…

Sorry for the interruption, I heard something outside the outhouse just now. Like a animal or human was dragging something heavy. But it stopped quite abruptly. R.H 24/09/14

I saw something outside our window this evening. I am not sure if it was a animal or a person, but since no one opened the door, it must have been a animal. It looked strange though. It looked like it was standing on two feet, but what animal does that here in the north? Any suggestions? Thought so. R.H 25/09/14

I heard the dragging again in the middle of the night, there was a smell of iron, something I have never smelled before. Even if the sun never goes down, the forest around us makes it hard to distinguish figures. It is probably just a hunter… R.H 26/09/14

We have been walking for 17 days and still not got to the top of Kebnekaise. There are things around here that are not on the map. Like a waterfall where there should be a path, another cave where there should be a stream, we can’t seem to find our way out of here and just walking in circles. I hate Henry and his damn map! R.H 27/09/14

Henry is gone! Henry is gone! Henry is gone! R.H 30/09/14

I haven’t seen him for 4 days. I’ve been sitting in this little house on top of Kebnekaise, yes we finally got here. He was going to pee but never came back. I was looking for him. But I couldn’t find him. He hadn’t fallen off I would have seen or heard that. I just sit around here and hope he comes back soon, I don’t dare to go out. I have heard footsteps circling the cottage, but not Henry. I know it’s not him. But I don’t know what this creature is, it drags something behind it, I can’t see what. I don’t think I want to know what.. it reeks of a sickly sweet smell and iron… R .H 04/10/14

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