Without Lens

It was the 3rd of august 2011 when I started believing in conspires. It was after I received a letter with the words ”Forget all about this”.

I was cleaning out my grandparents house after my grandmothers passing. I was now the only living relative that could do the task. My parents had passed away in a tragic car accident when I was seven and from that day I lived with my grandparents.

While going through their things I came across an old film camera. This didn’t surprise me since my grandfather had loved making film before the war. I remembered my grandmother used to show me his short films, but my grandfather never watched them with us. Whenever he left the room while we were watching, without a word, my grandmother looked sad. She told me when I was older that the war took away his passion for film. He used to say that he was going to be a camera man but when he came back he never wanted to see any films ever again. And he never told her why.

The camera looked almost unused and I decided to search on the internet to see if it had any value. This was when I got surprised. The camera was an old Vinten model K Mk1, also called Normandy, and was introduced to the British army unit in 1944. This particular camera was made in 1945. Grandma never told me that he was filming during the war. I was curious what was on this film, but also had the bad feeling that this particular film took my grandfathers passion away. My curiosity took over and I removed the film, like I had seen my grandmother do, used the old projector and started the movie.

At first all I saw was a soldier walking in front of the camera. He suddenly stopped, looked at the camera and pointing into the djungle. The camera followed the mans fingers and stopped on something looking like a very big cat. It was looking in the other direction but it slowly turned its head towards the camera and that was when my heart stopped, almost exactly when the film did the same. The body had been looking like a tiger or another large cat species but the face… the face was human. Completely human. It was like a cat wearing a human mask.

I had to catch my breath and make my heart stop pounding before watching it again. I knew my grandfather had been in the 36th infantry and must have been stationed in India around that time. And they had tigers there. So it must have been one. I decided to look at it again, convinced that it was a tiger and my mind had been playing tricks on me.
But it still looked just like it had the first time. I watched it about 40 times over the next week, trying to figure out a logical explanation to the creature. I couldn’t. Eventually I decided I should turn to the “professionals” and had a e-mail conversation with the National Archives before they asked me to take the film over so they could look at it and see what could have been done with the film for it to make this strange picture.

It took almost 2 months before I received the letter without a sender. It was nothing on it except for those four words…